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Providing a blockchain ecosystem based on a Venture Builder model that comprehensively supports startups, and connects/uses community power to build global blockchain unicorns


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High-standard products make a difference

Cooperating with the top companies and organizations to perfect a solution to the challenges of a centralized economy
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What is Unicorn Ultra?

Unicorn Ultra is a blockchain ecosystem, based on a Venture Builder model that comprehensively supports startups, and connects/uses community power to build global blockchain unicorns.

We have complete faith in the strength of the community. It will be consistently represented in decisions relating to the ecosystem's development direction, business challenges, and profit sharing under the Venture Builder model.

Create a community-invested, community-developed, and community-run ecology.
- Community-driven ecosystem development
- Communities make business decision
- Communities benefit directly from the ecosystem's profits
We aim to construct global blockchain unicorn chains as part of Unicorn Ultra's mission, promoting transparency, democracy, and proactive investment community growth for community investors and businesses.

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U2U chain

A private blockchain for the Unicorn Ultra community ecosystem and the deployment of blockchain projects and apps. U2U chain is compatible with EVM, employs Zero Knowledge technology, which enhances strength, security and ensures privacy.

U2U Coin

U2U coin is the native, energy - efficient cryptocurrency of the U2U chain. U2U is used to pay application transaction fees and safeguard the U2U chain against attack via proof of stake.

Rocket Blockchain Apps, Defi Product, DApps

Applications and Products are developed on the U2U chain.

U2U Council

Council represents for Unicorn Ultra investment community, which manages, operates, and develops the Unicorn Ultra Ecosystem. The U2U Council is a decentralized governance council that serves two primary functions:
Become a Venture Builder for for developing startups/blockchain projects.
A representative connecting the community of STO U2S token holders to exercise the right to propose/ vote governance.
Dear builders,

You are free to build on the Unicorn Ultra ecosystem

We started with a strong belief in Blockchain technology and ended with a community-controlled economy.

The first is a blockchain platform

"Where there is a good land, the birds will come and settle". Uniultra chain is a platform that the developers can rely on
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The second one is tools

No developer should be coding by themselves. Utilize our supplied tools to save time and effort
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Everything is being done to improve blockchain applications

Platforms, Game products, Defi products,... are our main focus as a Ventures Builder. We support, cooperate, and connect our resources to help blockchain startups develop, efficiently, and grow as the below options.
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Do you want to build something?

Uniultra chain is more than simply a blockchain platform; it is also a platform for us to support and accelerate blockchain startups. Besides technical assistance, blockchain projects built on the Uniultra chain will benefit from our community and resources. You can also join our community and seek support 24/7

Cheaper fees:

Cheaper fees: The cost per transaction on Uniultra chain will help to save 30% on fees compared to other leading blockchain networks

High speed:

The Uniultra chain can achieve a minimum of 10,000 TPS

High scalability:

The benchmark for scalability is optimized coding and basic procedures, which is also one of the reasons why you should select Uniultra chain


Our EVM is designed flexibly for developers to unleash their creativity while optimizing their products

Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP)

"Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) is an encryption scheme whereby one party (the prover) can prove the truth of specific information to another (the verifier) party without disclosing any additional information".
U2U chain employs ZKP to enhance blockchains functionality to provide flexibility and choice to users who want to control and freedom over their information.

Welcome to Unicorn Ultra!

We welcome everyone, whether you are a new or familiar member. We are fully prepared to take care of you.
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Learn more about our technology, share your expertise, and interact with other developers
Start to build
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Join our ecosystem, discover changes & updates, while sharing with others across the world
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Join our council to raise your voice for the upcoming proposals and boost personal benefits
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